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Wooden Hourglass Sand Timer

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Product Description

Introducing the 30/60 Minutes Hourglass Sand Timer, a modern and functional addition to your kitchen or school. This hourglass features a hand-blown wooden frame, making it not only a practical timer but also a stylish home decoration and a perfect gift for your loved ones.
The color sand flows slowly, lasting for a full 60 minutes, giving you enough time to complete tasks such as masks or yoga sessions without feeling rushed. It creates a serene and beautiful atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the moment and create wonderful memories.
It's not just for adults - this hourglass can also be used as a plaything for children during leisure or study time. It can help exercise their patience and perseverance, all while keeping them entertained.
Crafted with the finest wooden frame and triangle prism glass, this sand timer is both durable and attractive. It acts as a stylish ornament on your office desk, adding a touch of elegance to your workspace.
And let's not forget about its practicality - this hourglass is designed to ensure your cooking turns out perfect and scrumptious. It serves as a handy and decorative tool that will assist you in timing your culinary creations to perfection. Remember, time is money, and this hourglass understands the value of time.
Please note that there is a slight 10 percent time error compared to a precise timekeeper, so keep that in mind when using it for highly accurate timing.

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